The central location of our hometel room2, makes it the perfect place to stay at if you wish to explore the city and see its charm during the festive season. Southampton has a lot to offer anyone wanting to celebrate the festive season. From ice skating to sipping mulled wine with friends and watching Santa fly above the Christmas Market, Southampton has it all.

Here are a few things to keep you busy during the next month in Southampton:


Ice Rink

Located in the centre of the city, the ice rink is a place you should stop by this winter season. The rink has been opened in Southampton before and every year it enjoys attention from locals and families, who visit the city over the holidays. Compared to last year, the rink has seen some improvements, bot on and off the ice. Bigger skate exchanges, larger outdoor space and new skate aids are amongst the upgrades, which this year’s skaters will be able to enjoy. The ice rink is open for lovers of skating of all ages.


Moguls Bar

This Alpine-style bar is positioned around the medieval towers and walls, right next to the ice rink, which makes it the perfect spot to stop by after spending an hour on the ice. The bar has a chilled-out atmosphere and serves alcoholic and hot drinks- so there is something for everyone.

Southampton Christmas Festival

The Festival takes place on Above Bar and continues to the Bargate Street so there is no chance you will miss it. Open until December 23st, enjoy the alpine chalets of German charm where you can treat yourself to waffles, ginger breaded treats, bratwurst and fruits. There are a total of 40 individually made ‘houses’ where locals and tourists can buy hand-made gifts, toys, jewellery and clothes. Bavarian musicians and Christmas carol singers are also out to entertain.


The ‘Flying Santa’ show

If you have kids, they will enjoy this part of the Festival. The ‘Flying Santa’ Show is organized each year to entertain the little ones. Santa tells a story about his adventures and troubles while on his way into the city. As a part of the show, Santa and his sleigh with reindeers fly above the high street and then he gives away sweets to the children by the Advent Calendar. The show runs twice a day – Monday to Saturday 5pm and 7pm, Sunday 4pm and 6pm – so that everyone can have a chance to hear Santa’s story.


The Winning Winter Windows

If you are walking around town and spot a window display with a sign, saying ‘Winning Winter Windows, we are participating’ take a snap and share your pictures with the #FindYourChristmas. You can vote for your choice of favourite places and keep an eye out for the winner. The results will be announced on the 15th December and the winner will get a voucher worth £100 to shop in their favorite shop of all in town.


Enjoy the Christmas spirit

Take advantage of the fact that it isn’t snowing yet, so your feet are going to stay dry, and take a walk around town. The shops and restaurants are decorated in the spirit of Christmas. Bask in live music and have a glimpse of the Christmas market if you haven’t had the chance to stop by yet.