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our story

room2 is the world’s first hometel brand that was born in 2015. We combine the comfort and flexibility of home whilst offering the best bits of a hotel.

We are proud to be setting new standards for sustainable hospitality. We invest in our planet by ensuring our hometels operate on low carbon, low energy and zero waste allowing you to make conscious decisions, even when travelling.


why it started

room2 has been designed to be as comfortable and as flexible as staying at home but with the rooms optimised to provide guests with comfort when working, playing, eating and sleeping. Ultimately, room2 offers a lifestyle, experience led hotel stay, giving guests the ability to stay how they want to.

our founders

Founded by 2 brothers from Hammersmith; Robert and Stuart, who had travelled for 10 years racing boats for GB. Tired of staying in soulless accommodation which disrupted their training, they set about creating unique, thoughtfully designed environments, run by people with real personalities and where hotel norms don’t exist.

our hometels

We have dedicated to crafting unique and diverse experiences for our hometels in every location you find us. From being nestled in the heart of West London and the harbour side of Southampton to the vibrant historic city of Belfast, these locations serve as hubs of connectivity, ensuring our guests can explore, indulge and unwind with ease in our thoughtfully curated hometels.

Our Locations

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