Most people need to or choose to travel at least once a year. Planning your escapes is all fun and games, but at some point, you will need to sit down and start packing. We know that this is the one thing most will leave for the last minute, so we’ve put together some tips, which will help you travel light and hopefully save you some time amongst your busy schedule.


Make a list

I know what you are thinking – this will only take extra time. But if you plan in advance, you can pack quicker. Once you write down all the essentials you need, it will be easier to have an idea about how to pack so that things take less space in your suitcase. Focus on the essentials, not the extras.


Pack clever

Think about where you are going and what you will need. If you are packing for a summer vacation, you don’t need as many clothes. If you are heading on a business trip, combine your clothes in a way that you can wear suits with different blazers and pants, and you won’t need to take every shirt you have with you to scrub up. Take only clothes that have simple, neutral colours, which you can easily match together for a classy look.


Leave the toiletries behind

Pack the things you really do use everyday and you will discover that you can live with fewer things than you think you need. This also means limiting your make up products to only the essentials and keeping them nice and tidy in a small make up case. Most hotels you are heading to will already have the essentials and unless you have allergies and need specific products, you can leave your toiletries at home. Here, at room2, we’ve got toiletries you can buy from the pantry and we can lend you small things such as adapters for your devices – one less thing to worry about.


Don’t take all your electronic devices

Think about where you are going and for what purpose and it will become easy to eliminate the things you don’t need to take with you. Your phone is probably the most important item to take and for most can double up as your camera too. Do you really need that tablet and laptop? Our TV’s are cast compatible, so your phone should solve all your viewing needs.


Keep it simple

Forget the ‘just in case’ concept. Take only the things you need and for shorter trips think in an interval of a week. Anything you wouldn’t use after the first couple of days, you probably won’t use at all. This includes every aspect of your luggage. When you pack, think about whether you are being practical or not. Plus if you need to clean a few things our hometels, and most hotels, will have laundry facilities.


Here’s to your future packing success. And remember if you are planning on staying with us, check out our website for everything we offer our guests to make your packing just that little bit easier.