With the coming of the new year, people all over the world make new year resolutions and set updated goals for themselves. Some of our guests stay with us for business purposes and use the Living Room as a space to get some work done because of its unique functionality, providing meeting area space, free WiFi, USB charging points, a great range of hot and cold beverages and of course a relaxing, inviting atmosphere.

However, sometimes being productive and keeping on top of things while travelling can be challenging. So, we decided to chat to our guests about some of the ways they keep on track. Here’s our top list of their suggestions to help you start 2019 the right way:


Single-task your way through the day

Try to focus on one task at a time instead of trying to multi-task. It is proven that multitasking can cause stress and therefore reduce productivity. If you keep your focus on one thing at a time, you can come up with some fresh ideas on how to make improvements. Research shows that when multitasking, people tend to be about 40% less productive. Focusing on a single task ensures that you are doing your job to the best of your abilities.


Preparation is king

Plan your day the night before and you will start your schedule right. If you know what you need to do before you even step into the office, or on the road, it becomes easier to plan your day and move things around if needed. Making a list and taking notes on how you can improve your routine goes a long way, why not give it a try.


‘Eat the frog’ first thing in the morning

This is one of the best pieces of advice we came across. Mark Twain once wrote ‘eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day.’ There is a technique, based on this saying that increases productivity. Brian Tracy’s philosophy to ‘eat the frog first’ is inspired by this quote. The ‘frog’ illustrates the most challenging task on your list and the technique encourages you to start your day handling the thing you see as most difficult.


Set achievable deadlines

It is important to set goals to keep yourself in line. However, when doing this, make sure these goals are achievable. If you keep missing the deadlines, which you set for yourself, you will keep feeling disappointed and will end up working extra time so that you can catch up with your schedule. Once you learn to manage your time efficiently and set goals, which you can accomplish in a certain time frame, you will find it easier to take on more challenges at work after some time.


Take a break – grab a snack

The brain needs breaks, otherwise you start getting distracted easily. In order to maximize your productivity and use the most of your potential, you need to take regular breaks during work. This will help you stay focused, it will boost your work performance and will stimulate your memory. Taking short breaks is a great and simple way to organize your time and ensure you are doing more.


Have something nice around you

This might sound a bit silly at first, however, if you have something to enjoy looking at – such as a plant on your desk – you will be more focused. It is proven that by making the small effort to bring something you like to your office or working space, you become 15% more productive. Of course, we think the Living Room is pretty nice to look at as it is, but we also welcome guests to settle in and make it their space too.


Work smart, not hard

We all want to be great at what we are doing. Sometimes this means not to work hard, but to work smart instead. This is up to your initiative, organizational skills and time you spend researching as well as planning your tasks. Once you have a plan laid out, it becomes easy to follow it and make sure you are ticking things off your to-do list. Research your tasks in advance to make sure you know the fastest and most efficient way to approach them.


Take breaks to exercise

Not everybody follows a working schedule that allows you to stay active, but if you are one of the lucky people to be able to enjoy this, do take advantage of it. Exercise breaks don’t necessarily mean that you should go to the gym. A walk back to your room or, even better, outside in the park, gets your blood pumping and increases your level of productivity.


Get enough sleep

We saved the best tip for dessert. This one will make the lovers of a long night sleep – aka everybody – very happy to read. It is easy to get caught up in work and your life outside of it. Sometimes it is difficult to juggle everything and stay on top of things. Whatever your plan, however busy your week gets, always make sure to spare some time to rest. A good night sleep is a key to being successful.


So, whatever is on the cards for your 2019, whether you’re planning on travelling or not, we hope you have a productive and effective year – and remember, frogs taste better when eaten first.