When most people think about booking a mid-winter break, they often have beach destinations in mind. Many of us prefer to catch some winter sun and spend the last cold days of the year somewhere warm. But we think coastal breaks in the UK are a great alternative because of their unique charm and of course they are a bit lighter on the wallet too.

So, we’ve come up with a quick list about why you should plan a coastal escape this winter, so you can get your friends and family onboard too.

1) The Scenery

Coastal escapes are a good way to spend some time away from home and get some well-deserved rest. Heading to the coast offers a change of scenery for many and will spice things up compared to an urban getaway. It is a great time of the year to escape the crowds as well, as usually the summer time is high tourist season.


2) Change of Season

You will have the chance to enjoy a place from a completely new perspective. Everything changes over the winter days, it just feels different. It is easy to get used to this change in your hometown but a trip to a coastal city is a great way to see how things change over the winter months around the rest of the country.


3) The Atmosphere

Visiting new places is all about exploring new spots and learning about different cultures. If you make the decision to have a coastal break, you can spend a couple of days in a range of different locations, each with their own unique atmosphere. Most cities and smaller towns have their own unique charm, but we’re sure you’ll agree it just feels somehow heightened in coastal locations.


4) The Nature

Coastal locations are known for their natural beauty. There is so much to take in and admire. Nature shows its true face along the coastline. Once you’ve been there, you might even wish you were able to stick around for the summer season. Head out for a ramble, jump on a bike, or if you’re really brave – tip a toe in the ocean and get back in touch with nature. It’s a great way to refresh and relieve before kicking off the new year.

5) The Fun

There are so many things to explore and try on a coastal escape. From tracing the area on foot, to tasting local seafood and delicacies, to participating in traditional regional activities or enjoying the wonders of nature. Coastal escapes during winter certainly have a lot to keep you entertained with.


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