World's First Whole Life Net Zero Carbon Hometel

Welcome to the world’s first whole life net zero carbon hometel

At room2, zero means zero, and we’re going full monty! This building is zero carbon from the first brick laid, through its operation, until the eventual demolition. 

We know you share the same passion to protect our environment, so we’ve created a place where you can be a changemaker whilst feeling at home.


Pulling out all the stops to make room2 Chiswick the most sustainable.


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more efficient

room2 Chiswick will operate at 89% less energy than a typical UK hotel. We’ve crammed in as many hard and soft technologies to make this happen.

net zero initiatives:

whole life

We have committed to only build and operate whole life net zero hometels. That means the the big picture, the whole hog, all the carbon emissions from conception to the building’s end-of-life all equal to zero. We are the first hotel company in the world to set this standard, but hopefully not the last.

room2 whole life carbon

pump it

To heat and cool our building we use heat pumps. 200m long loops extract heat energy from the earth and draw it to the heating and water system. This also works in reverse, to cool.

other sustainability initiatives:

Jungle roof

jungle roof

The green roof promotes biodiversity and provides a home for the insects. Underneath the green roof lives the blue roof which catches up to 50,000L of rainwater. This water is slowly drained to mitigate against local flooding.



There is a zero waste policy. We didn’t like the bins we saw in the market so we decided to design our own 3-in-1 recycling bins. To make recycling simple.

Learnings from the Lab

learnings from the lab

room2 Chiswick has two lab rooms. Don’t worry Big Brother isn’t watching you. They’re used to track energy, water and air quality, so we can get better and drive down energy further.

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