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One Home Art Gallery

Welcome to our gallery, where art meets sustainability and self-expression intertwines with nature, community, and the vibrant spirit of Belfast. Dive into a curated collection of artwork crafted by Northern Ireland’s up-and-coming artists. From vibrant paintings inspired by the beauty of Belfast’s landscapes to thought-provoking works, each piece has a unique story. Join us on a journey celebrating art that nourishes the soul, uplifts communities, and honours our precious planet, all while embracing the unique essence of Belfast and it’s community.


Artists’ Spotlight


Calling all local artists

Looking for a platform to showcase your masterpieces? If you’re passionate about producing sustainable art or practice creativity in an environmentally conscious manner, we’re opening our doors to invite you to exhibit your artwork in our 15.2m2 Art Gallery.


room2 Belfast

Why exhibit at
room2 Belfast?

  • Prime Location: The Hometel attracts numerous guests and locals daily.
  • Exposure and Footfall: Benefit from high foot traffic from guests and visitors who share the same passion for art and sustainability.
  • Free to Exhibit: room2 understands the challenges artists face when finding affordable exhibition spaces. Therefore, the gallery space is offered at no cost, as a way of supporting and promoting the local arts scene.



Submit to be considered

If you are successful, we will require each piece of art to be supplied to us ready for display, whether that means via canvas or pre-framed.

Printed Copies: Each creative is also required to supply a small stock of pre-packaged print versions available for customers to purchase. Profits would go back to the creative, minus a commission of 25% which would cover room2’s handling time and management of the sales.


room2 Belfast Art Gallery Submission

Submit up to five (5) pieces of your most suitable artwork in PDF, JPG or PNG format in a single zip file. Please label as such "ArtworkName_YourName_50cmx50xcm".
Max. file size: 128 MB.
Please write a short description of each piece, sharing the inspiration or message behind it taking into account the “One Home” theme.