room2 hometels | A (safer) place to live, not just to stay

A (safer) place to live, not just to stay.

Safe Stay at room2 hometelsWe have missed your faces and can't wait to see you! Ensuring a covid-free, but still unique and flexible experience for you.

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bigger rooms at room2

Human centred design

In collaboration with human design experts, we crafted better spaces to live. Spaces which allow you to be the best version of yourself, and are fully optimised for comfort, efficiency, well-being and accessibility, plus you'll notice those special little touches too.
longer stay at room2

A longer stay

When you book a room with us we think it should be yours for a whole day. Stay for up to 24 hours. We think it's crazy that when you stay with other hotels you only get to stay for 21 hours.
your diet at room2

Your diet

We believe it's only right that you should eat what you want, when you want. That's why we've included kitchens in all our rooms and make sure you always have plenty of options from ordering takeaways to recipe inspiration and all-day snacks.

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