room2 Fulham hometels UK | Opening start of 2022

Fulham Town Hall

Located in the heart of Fulham, our first premium hometel product will feature 90 bespoke rooms and form the centre of a luxury leisure and co-working destination.

Opening start of 2022

Our features

Bespoke luxury

The high-end product will deliver interiors designed to push the boundaries of artistic rebelliousness and juxtapose with the Grade II listed building’s historic façade, with each room individually curated to appeal to the diverse range of guests.

A community hub

The restored former civic centre will include a mix of event and co-working space, as well as food & beverage offerings for all the neighbourhood to enjoy. The vision is to recreate the buzz, activity and vibrancy of the community inside the Town Hall as it was during its heyday.

Restored elegance

The careful restoration and layered interior design will bring visitors on a journey of discovery, celebrating the building’s history with all its stories as it looks to the future. The building will breathe new life and have a new soul, as it returns to its former glory.

Where we are

Map of Fulham with a pinpoint at Fulham Town Hall.

Where we are

Map of Fulham with a pinpoint at Fulham Town Hall.

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