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Our Story

In 2014 the original room2 concept was conceived and in late 2016 we launched the Hammersmith Townhouse bringing the initial idea to life.

Why it started

room2 was born from understanding people and their accommodation needs. Guests are flocking to Airbnb, it gives people flexibility, comfort and routine. However it lacks the security, services and the quality assurance of a hotel.

Our founders

Founded by 2 brothers from Hammersmith; Rob and Stu, who had travelled for 10 years racing boats for GB. Tired of staying in soulless accommodation which disrupted their training, they set about creating unique, thoughtfully designed environments, run by people with real personalities and where hotel norms don’t exist.

The locations

Having operated as Lamington Group in west London since 1967, Hammersmith was the obvious first choice for room2. With a diverse range of modern travellers it’s been highly successful, and this same factor combined with Southampton’s innovative culture and growing economy made it the perfect place to continue the journey.

Our purpose is to give people a place to live, not just stay for the night. And as a brand that single purpose is driven by our core values.

We are flexible
We are open
We think differently
We are part of the community

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